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Question: What is the delivery time for fee shipping?
Majority of free orders with free shipping arrive waiting 3-7 business days from when the order was placed, please take into consideration weather and check with your carrier for any delays once e-mail confirmation has been received.

Question: How are prices calculated for your Crystal Temptations?
Answer: These prices are calculated based on size as well as the amount of crystals gold & silver an item has. Also colored crystals cost more than clear crystals we take all these aspects into consideration with our pricing.

Question: Ok, and what about the Rhinestone Trinket boxes?
Answer: As with our Crystal Temptations, The prices of our trinket boxes are effected the most by the amount of crystals are on it. As these crystals are hand set the more crystals the more labor it takes.

Question: What if I need to return an item?
Answer: We have an amazingly simple return process. Just click here and follow the steps. Fast easy and straightforward its the way we like to do things. 

Question: How Long does it take to ship orders?
Answer: Any orders placed by 11am CST are shipped the same day. Orders placed after 11am CST are shipped bon the next business day. Our business days are Monday-Saturday

Question: What service is used for the free shipping option?
Answer: We use USPS first class mail for our free shipping service. These items normally arrive within 3-5 days after shipment. 

Question Do you provide any warranty for your products?
Answer: All our products come with a hassle free return policy or 30 days once the item has been received by the buyer.  Select items come with warranties from their manufacturer these warranties are listed on the individual item pages.

Question: Can I use essential oils, or wax cubes with your aroma lamps?
Answer: Yes, with wax cubes please note the light dimmer must be on a medium brightness to generate the minimum amount of heat for the wax to melt.

Question: I need a replacement part for my aroma lam but can't find it what do I do?
Answer: Not a problem! We can order and pate cup cylinder, or any other accessory needed for ourdroma lamps. If you can't find it on our website visit our contact us page and we will get it to you ASAP.