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Metal Clear Crane Touch Lamp

SKU EL-70002

With a beautiful scenic nature view this touch lamp adds a classic touch to your décor esthetic. With a simple touch of your finger the light turns on/off and changes between its' 3 preset levels of brightness.  A perfect item for night stand or kitchen table with quick tap to turn it on you can control the amount of aroma being dispersed into the air by changing the brightness or heat being emitted from its' bulb.

* Aroma oil not included
** Use with caution. glass components may be hot during/after use


4.25"D x 6.5"H (inches)
Cup 2.5"D x 1.75"H

What's Inside

1 Aroma lamp 
1 Lightbulb (35W/120 volt)
1 Glass cup


- Plug in lamp
- Place glass cup in holder inside lamp
- Place 2-3 drops of aroma oil into cup
- Turn on/off and control timing and fragrance strength by touching the metal part of lamp