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Angel Aroma Lamp

SKU EP-164

A symbol of peace and love this heavenly designed aroma lamp features an angel with blue ambient lighting.  The cord dimmer allows the user to control the strength of the scent being diffused in the house. With a dimmer in its power cord as you dim or increase the light the heat also sets weaker or stronger allowing you to have absolute control of the fragrance being dispersed in the surrounding air.

* Aroma oil not included
** Use with caution. glass components may be hot during/after use


7.0"W x 6.0"D x 8.5"H (inches)
Plate 4.5"D x 0.5"H

What's Inside

1 Aroma lamp
1 Lightbulb (35W/120 volt)
1 Glass cylinder
1 Glass plate


- Plug in lamp
- Place glass cylinder around light bulb
- Place glass plate in plate holder marked by indention.    
- Place 2-3 drops of aroma oil in the glass plate
- Turn on/off and control timing and fragrance strength with dimmer on the power cord